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Who are we?

Our company based in Northampton. We provide a comprehensive solution for the presence of Asbestos at your property in a cost-effective way. Further, we are also insured in providing removal of all types of buildings. We eliminate Asbestos and provide you completely secure and disease-free surroundings. 

What do we do?

We are providing highly qualified professionals for dealing with asbestos in a licensed manner. Now you don’t have to worry if your property has the presence of Asbestos. We will provide the perfect solution to deal with the Asbestos problem. We have the latest equipment and perfect strategies to deal with the problem. We are here to provide you comfort and the perfect results. It doesn’t matter how old your property is, if it is legal, we are here for help. Our team of professionals works for commercial as well as residential properties. If the life-threatening Asbestos is present at your place, don’t hesitate. Contact us now.

Our aim:

Our company’s aim is to provide a completely secure life for our clients, so, that they can sleep well without having any fear of disease.       


Uk Asbestos are able to offer a comprehensive and professional service to our commercial and residential customers

Our Qualifications

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Why choose us?

Our professionals carefully assess your property and make sure there will be no sign of asbestos left. Our sampling and monitoring team is very efficient in fulfilling their tasks and we also provide you legal certification after the complete elimination of Asbestos.